Uttaranchal Institute of Management – A Journey Beyond Compare

Uttaranchal Business Review (UBR) is a UGC approved bi-annual peer-reviewed research journal of Uttaranchal Institute of Management (UIM), Uttaranchal University. Incepted in the year 2011, the journal has been providing an indispensable reading for the management scholars, researchers, academicians and the seekers of knowledge in the areas of business and economy. The inspiration behind the initiative is the inherent consideration that research is the necessary foundation for ensuring academic excellence of repute. This promotes the exchange of ideas and provides collaborative opportunities for all concerned to grow and evolve in this arena. Uttaranchal Institute of Management continues to support scholarly activities and the exchange of ideas through its all-out endeavors and provides a forum for discussion and advancement in the areas of Business, Management and Information Technology. The journal publishes research papers, articles, book reviews and case-studies with a progressive quality improvement attitude.

To ensure the quality of the publication and to be consistent on the objectives of the journal, the manuscripts of the authors undergo multiple stages of screening and editing. The research paper manuscripts are screened and are selected strictly on merit basis. The journal focuses on papers having potential of significant contribution in concurrent and innovative business practices, new thoughts, theories pertaining to economics, commerce and business that may be quantitative, qualitative, meta-analytic or their combinations, to enrich the knowledge of economic understanding. It is the utmost priority of the Editorial Team to provide the readers highly useful and quality texts in all respects.